Bhumipatara (Poom 泰丰) Uditananda

Bhumipatara (Poom 泰丰) Uditananda

Bhumipatara (Poom 泰丰) Uditananda

Poom Uditananda

Country:  Thailand
Age: 17
Helicopter: Gaui X7

Radio: Futaba

On April 2013, Bobby Watts attend RC Heli Smackdown in Thailand.  One of his reason he go to Thailand is to recruit Poom.  Poom is one of the best pilot in Asia.  We are very proud and pleased that Poom can be part of the Halo Team


3DX China

1st Place 3DX China 2010 Master

2nd Place 3DX China 2011 Master

3rd Place 3DX China 2012 Master

3D Master

2nd Place 3D Master 2011 Expert

2nd Place 3D Master 2012 Master

Heli Master Nederland

10th Place Heli Master 2013 Master

Heli Blowout Thailand 2012

2nd Place Thailand Heli Blowout 2012 Master



I have used many other blades and sponsored by many other brands but I have to say I have never used anything like this.

You can immediately tell the different when you do your first pitch pump.  The stopping power is incredible and doing an autorotation is unbelievable. I can do a 2 minutes autorotation if I want to.

Fast forward flying is so stable and the blades tracks very well.  Very precise and accurate because I use to fly F3C so I know what is needed to perform well.